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Whilst political negotiations remain ongoing, Irish Ferries Freight is committed to assisting our valued customers to the best of our ability through this period of uncertainty.
In the event of the UK exiting the EU without an agreed withdrawal process ('No Deal'), this summary provides some guidance based on current available information of what will be required on Day 1.
This information is intended for guidance only. Individual businesses may have different interpretations and requirements. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it is indicative of some of the changes that will be mandatory on our Ireland/UK routes.

Making a booking

  • Bookings can be made in the same way as you do so today.
  • There will be additional fields available in your booking to capture new data including the Movement Reference Number (MRN).
  • We will continue to accept and confirm bookings without an MRN, but this will be required in order for us to check the vehicle in at the port of departure.
  • In order to prevent delays at check-in, it is advised to confirm your MRN against your booking in advance of arrival at the port of departure.

Prior to check-in

  • Ensure that Export and Import Customer Declarations have been lodged with the relevant customs authorities. This can be done directly or through a customs agent.
  • Ensure that a Safety & Security Declaration has been lodged with Irish Revenue for accompanied and unaccompanied movements.
  • The requirement in the United Kingdom for Safety & Security Declarations will not be required on day 1 but will instead be phased in over a period of up to 6 months.

At check-in

  • Vehicles will not be allowed to enter our terminals without a Movement Reference Number (MRN) for their consignments.
  • Visual inspection of the MRN will be required at check-in for the combined Customer Declaration and Safety and Security Declaration.
  • If departing from Dublin and transiting the UK under the Common Transit Convention (CTC) via Holyhead a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) will be required.
  • If departing from Rosslare and transiting the UK under CTC via Pembroke TAD should be presented in order to exit the port.

On arrival

  • The relevant authority will issue the appropriate status in order to exit the port or proceed for inspection.

Additional information

  • At Irish ports there will be a requirment for inspection of animal or plant products and there is a requirement to give 24 hours pre notification to the relevant authorities prior to arrival at the Irish port for all products of animal origin.
  • Irish Ferries will work with the relevant authorities to minimise congestion and ensure as smooth a transition as possible. In order to help avoid congestion and delays, it is essential that the necessary declarations and documents are available for inspection.
  • IT systems are being adapted to receive information at the time of booking and online together with EDI systems will support the necessary additionally required information.
  • Check-in may see a slowdown initially as both systems and processes are streamlined and for this reason early check-in would be recommended.

Irish Ferries Standard Terms and Conditions of Carriage of goods for freight services

  • Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Carriage of goods for freight services have been updated.

As always, the Commercial Business Team is available to assist, please do not hesiate to get in touch. Telephone – +353 (0) 818 22 15 30 e-mail –