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All dangerous goods shipments must comply with the IMDG code and meet all the legal requirements of Irish Merchant Shipping (Dangerous Goods) Regulations, 1992 and U.K. Merchant Shipping (Dangerous Goods) Regulations, 1997 and any subsequent amendments to these regulations.

We have listed below the IMDG Code class list of dangerous substances and shown the subdivison of the classes where necessary. We have also indicated whether or not the specific classes are generally acceptable for shipment with Irish Ferries.
Please note that these are general guidelines and all Dangerous cargo must be pre-booked with Irish Ferries Freight to ensure that it is acceptable for shipment. For further information on Dangerous Cargo, please contact any of our offices.

Please also note, that as a matter of Company Policy, we do not accept any dangerous waste chemicals, including used batteries and waste aluminium, irrespective of their IMDG Code Classification.


Hazardous class Hazardous Acceptable for shipping
1 Explosives No
2.1 Flammable Gas Yes
2.2 Non Flammable Gas Yes
2.3 Toxic Gas No
3 Flammable Liquids - Packing Group I No
3 Flammable Liquids - Packing Group II or III Yes
4.1 Flammable Solids Yes
4.2 Spontaneously Combustible Yes
4.3 Dangerous When Wet Yes
5.1 Oxidising Substances Yes
5.2 Oxidising Peroxides No
6.1 Toxic Substances Yes
6.2 Infectious Substances No
7 Radioactive Substances No
8 Corrosive Substances Yes
9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances Yes
As a ferry operator we have a number of legal obligations to comply with in respect of the shipment of dangerous cargo. Legislation dictates that dangerous goods must not be taken on board a ship unless they are properly declared, documented, packaged, stowed and labelled, to ensure that the safety of life at sea, of our passengers and crew, is not put at risk.

To achieve this we must have the co-operation of the shippers and transporters who also have legal responsibilities under the Legislation.

It is the customer’s legal obligation to ensure that all dangerous cargo is properly declared. The following briefly outlines some of the shippers and transporters legal responsibilities under Legislation.
  • You must pre-book dangerous cargo with Irish Ferries and check on compatibility
  • There is no minimum quantity - ALL dangerous cargo must be declared
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the following documentation;
    • dangerous goods declaration
    • container/vehicle packing certificate
    • for bulk tanks a copy of the IMO Tank cert or equivalent
  • Packages must be labelled - not less than 100mm square and should display the UN packaging symbol
  • Vehicle must be labelled on all sides with labels not less than 250mm square
  • Cargo must be securely stowed and only compatible substances must be stowed within
  • All vehicles/transport units containing dangerous cargo will be secured on board, and must therefore have the correct number of lashing brackets

Irish Ferries would be pleased to answer your queries in relation to dangerous cargo. You have a legal responsibility on road and sea.

All cargoes carried by Irish Ferries are subject to the company’s standard conditions of carriage.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any enquiries or need further information about the shipment of Dangerous Cargo.

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