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It's all about the user experience on freightengine®

freightengine®, our online business management system, has been designed and developed with the customer in mind. We believe that we have built a system that will genuinely assist our customers in their day to day communications with us. This belief was validated by a team of independent judges who, on behalf of Export & Freight, presented Irish Ferries Freight with the much coveted Innovation Excellence Award at the Transport & Logistics Awards for breaking the mould when doing business on the Internet.

This simplified booking process will save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Our online product enables a full range of booking options, a high level of notification choices, real time schedule updates and an ability to personalise the system to your particular needs.

Give it a try - log in, customise your most used choices and save time every time you book with us.

Our Credit Control Team have a range of accounts options for your convenience online. Invoices, statements and credit notes are all available through the Accounts portal. Save time using our safe, secure online accounts product.

If working with us via the web does not suit your particular business needs we offer an additonal business management system in the form of EDI.

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system is designed to interface from your system to freightengine® without the need for expensive application alterations or changes to security policies. Talk to the Commercial Team if you wish to learn more about our EDI system.

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