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The safety of passengers and crew both ashore and afloat is paramount to Irish Ferries.

Please familiarise yourself with our safety policy and do not hesitate to contact any member of Irish Ferries staff if clarification is required.

Our safety regulations are mandatory and must be adhered to without exception.


SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) 1974 - Chapter 11, regulation 20.3 “The Master shall ensure that no passengers are allowed access to an enclosed roll-on/roll-off deck when the ship is underway.”

Remaining on the car deck whilst the vessel is at sea is strictly prohibited

SOLAS regulation 8 - the Master can take any decision to maintain safety and security of vessel. “This includes denial of access to persons and/or vehicles.”

  • Use of mobile phones and smoking is forbidden on car decks
  • Commercial drivers should pay attention to all safety announcements and ensure they are familiar with assembly areas
  • Ensure that appropriate braking systems are applied to tractor unit and trailer(s)
  • All vehicles presented for loading should comply with International guidelines regarding securing and trestle points for sea transportation


  • Port Authority safety and security guidelines must be followed
  • High visibility clothing & PPE as required must be worn
  • Use designated walkways
  • Ensure that the appropriate braking systems are applied to all vehicle
  • Park in designated bays
  • Follow the instructions of Irish Ferries staff at all times

If you require further information about our Safety Policy please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Freight Team. Telephone – +353 (0) 818 22 15 60 e-mail –